Sunday, August 19, 2012


F*ck yeah! Today was awesome. I had to work from 10:30am to 3:30pm and as soon as I got out of that hell-hole I loaded up the VW and headed for Skullbuster. The weather today was most excellent, low 80's down to high 70's toward the end of the ride. 

I wrapped some left over Salsa bar tape on top of my ESI chunky grips and so far I'm loving it. Very nice for my gigantic Shrek-hands. 

This is only my second time riding Skullbuster so I did some adventuring, just trying to figure things out direction wise. I started out on this fire road and just putted around to get warmed up. 

Today I brought the Fuji camera and my huge Camelback aka makeyourbackhurtabout1milein. It was worth it though...just for this turtle pic. 

While heading back down the fire road to enter the trail I rode up on some horses. I stopped and started walking, but still startled one and when I thought it was about to stomp my face in, I froze completely! Haha! Those things are huge when you're up beside them like that. Sort of scary. The dude (and his daughter) were super-cool and he apologized for the horses actions, saying it was only 3 years old and still had some socializing to do. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them, they were so pretty. If I had one I'd put a horn on it and tape some wings to it's sides and call it Pegasus. I'd commute to work on that puppy rain or shine! 

Anyway, once I got in the trail, I ran up on Mike Mitchum and his son doing some trail maintenance. Good to see the young ones getting a head start, and nice to talk to Mike again. Good peoples for sure! 

What trail ride in 'Tucky would be complete without rolling up on a vintage can of "Dew"?!

I got in about 12 miles total and would have loved to do another lap, or two, but I need to list some eBay auctions so I headed home. 

Ride on! 

Post ride treat = Dogfish Head 60 Min. IPA in my Scribe pint glass..Kansas City represent!


  1. The Blog is looking good my friend! Keep it up, ride that sweet bike and next time you see that female, give her the finger for me (how ever you'd like to interpret that is totally acceptable). You've always got a riding buddy here in Misery...

  2. You're the best Burnsey! I'll hit you up if I can ever make it back there...for sure.