Friday, August 31, 2012

Grap Luva - 7 minutes of sound

Grap Luva...Pete Rocks brother getting busy on the SP1200 12-bit sampler. For those that don't know this is THE classic hip hop sampler. 10 seconds of sample time TOTAL! That's it, 10 seconds. Plus you can only have a max of 2.5 seconds assigned to a single pad. So, a super expensive sampling "computer" from back in the day, responsible for some of the best hip hop songs in the history of the genre. Originally meant to be a drum machine only, used and abused by hip hop heads to make beats. Speed up the record, pitch the sound down once it's in the machine to squeeze a few more seconds of sample time out of it. Distortion and artifacts occur from the pitching back down of the sound and BAM classic BOOM BAP GRIT. 

12-bit baby! Grap Luva is a legend. 

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