Sunday, May 12, 2013

Back up in this mutha! - The List - Wilson Lake Recap


Ayooo! It's been a long time since I updated this blog, but I'm putting it back on on my list of things to do. The current plan is to update it every Sunday with the previous weeks happenings and the music I'm currently listening to or intrigued by, or whatever. Bookmark this site and check back. I promise you'll f*cking love it.


Also on my list, was to stop buying so many things (bikes and otherwise) and to start riding more and riding new trails at new locations. I've got some of that down already as the Singlespeed Pirate, the Pirate Posse and myself just completed the Cedar Cross... all 115 miles of it. Fred power! A week or so ago I rode Wyco (a local KC trail) for the first time and today I rode Landahl (first time there as well) with a group of friends and acquaintances. All were amazing. All have refreshed me and at the same time made my mundane job seem like a pit stop in between adventures. That is the way it should be. Work to live, not the other way around.


My trip with Handleballs aka Corbin Dioxide to Wilson Lake, KS was epic. With our tired legs from Cedar Cross, C-Diddy and I decided to go to Wilson and ride the mountain bikes instead of spending 3 days in the rain on the Katy Trail. Great call!

We rolled out around 9:30 on Wednesday and putted around KC as I looked for parts to adjust my improperly tuned suspension fork. After we located some gum and some JB Weld we rolled out. The landscape was the typical midwest/Kansas affair. The scenery that everyone thinks ALL of Kansas/Missouri looks like... which it doesn't. Whatever. The massive wind turbines and cows and horses are pretty good scenery for the 4 hour-ish drive from KCMO.


We finally got to Wilson Lake, located the trail head, claimed our spot and wasted no time getting down to business. We clipped in and rode around 17 miles before heading back to take a post drive/ride nap. After that, we went back out for a quick 8 mile jaunt before coming back and setting up camp before dark. Also before the rain and the flash flood of wind and sh!tty weather showed up. Day 1 was a wrap.

Waaay in the background.



 When I woke up, it was super cold and sh!tty and I remembered I didn't pack pants or anything warm. It was the worst and uhhhh, never again. I eat some oatmeal Corbeezy had cooked up and went back to lay in the tent until it got warm again because I'm a big pussy. The sun finally made an appearance and we were feeling it's energy. We clipped in and rode the whole trail system in all of it's awesomeness. We took another quick break before heading out for a little bit more trail action. The weather was starting to get bad again and we decided to jet back to KC and wrap up  the adventure.

Putting in work. HTFU.

This trip was awesome. It was only a small distance away from KC, MO but the scenery and trail is so completely different that it was well worth it. Highly recommended. I'm still stoked.


Earl Sweatshirt. This dude is the best out of Odd Future minus Frank Ocean. Sort of horrorcore, shock rap and I don't bump this on the regular, but Chum has been popping on my Slacker radio channel and I dig it every time I hear it. Second video posted purely for the craziness.



  1. Yo! My name is Bryan or DJ Ataxic. I am also from KC and I also have a page called Beats, Bikes and Life (based on Tribe's album) on Tumblr. Lol. Crazy!! I ride a specialized rockhopper 29er and am a DJ in KC. Just saw your page and thought it was crazy that we listen to the same things and love bikes.


  2. I'm familiar with you bro! Don't you or didn't you do stuff with Reach or DJ Sku? Maybe I'm mistaken. Anyway, I was down in Lawrence when Lawrence hip hop was going crazy. I recorded Adru the Misphits first album and had some beats on there. Friends with Quest and a bunch of other heads. Small world and great minds! I guess I'll have to find another Tumblr name! haha

  3. YES! I was Reach's DJ for years and have played with Sku and the rest of the hip hop heads throughout the years. CRAZY SMALL WORLD! I just recently started riding and it has consumed me like DJing did when I first started. I will have to catch up with you someday and we can ride and talk music! Take care homie.