Wednesday, July 24, 2013


My hands still hurt from my crash the first time "riding" this beautiful beast, so I'm gonna keep the typing to a minimum and do a large picture dump instead. Huge shout out to Nick at Fatback for a very seamless transaction and for answering all of my (many) questions. I'm absolutely pleased with everything about the bike, the wheels, hubs... everything. Stoked x 1000!


Rockers. MF Rockers dude. So nice.

Top tube bend for my knards.

Light, just over 4 pound weight for the frame with rockers and seat collar.

Tubeless wheels. So easy to set up. So necessary.

Hadley hubs, made for Fatback in the USA. Quality.  

Weight. 27.5 pounds as you see it.

Reflective rim strips. Picture me rolling.

Oversized head tube. It's future proof and the future is now!

Post mount rear brake mount.

Rack mounts for racks on racks on racks.

Made in the USA. F*ck yeah!


  1. Hey - nice Raijin!!

    if you dont mind, whats your saddle height? Trying to figure out if im a 19 or 20 inch frame size.