Saturday, September 1, 2012

Carver Fork

Ok, personal life is...going. Slowly getting over the girl and currently nursing a hangover from last night. I was going to sell the Salsa La Cruz ti frame, but have decided to hang onto it until Kona comes out with their titanium Rove model which I'm hoping will actually happen. I posted on their Facebook wall a while back and they said something to the effect of "we'll see" with a little winky smiley face.

I decided to go with the mullet brake setup since I'm in Kentucky and mullets are the hairstyle of choice. I first ordered up a Whisky 7 carbon disc fork for 1-1/8 steerers but that thing was a pig with it's aluminum steerer so I sold it for what I paid and decided to try out the Carver all carbon 1-1/8" cyclocross disc fork. Carver is the house brand of

First off, this thing is ugly (to me at least). I was hoping the sticker would be outside the clear coat. No go. The "sticker" is actually painted/screen printed or some other method that is not easy to remove. I bit off more than I could chew I suppose and had to dive in head first. I went and picked up some paint and went to town.

Originally I decided to do a matte black on both ends and fade the middle, but laid the paint on too thick and had to sand that all down and just go matte black over the whole thing. Finished up with a satin clear coat. Looks pretty boss I think. Certainly better than the CARVER going up and down each side.'s a carbon fork. Nothing much to note. Stiff and light. Mounts a disc. Done deal. Oh, put a Paul mini-moto on the rear as well and that thing is cool as hell. I'll take more pictures of the full La Cruz build once I put more miles on it. Currently sits at just under 22 pounds. Not bad. Think I gained a pound adding the disc, but should be better in the slop and gravel. I can setup BB7's like a champ so it feels great. Blah, blah, blah! Here are the pictures.

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