Saturday, September 1, 2012

SOLD 20" Kona Raijin frame

I got greedy and bought two of these puppies. Deciding to sell this one for a score. $1,400 shipped. Includes the Salsa seat clamp and the original seat clamp as well as the dropout with derailleur hanger for gears. Frame is gently used at less than 100 miles, and has not been registered. My personal favorite bike of all time.

24.5" top tube. 70 degree head angle. Short chainstays for snappy handling and bunny hopping the shit out of logs.

Retail for 2013 is $2, $600 plus tax here!


  1. Would you be willing to take $600 and two dead whores? That frame looks sweet...and far too glamorous for the likes of me matey.

  2. Ha! Sold it today Burnsey! I know that carbon Niner cost more than this titanium beauty handmade in Emerica. I'll take the dead whores if you still have them though.