Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RIP Rick Kerr ... a fellow cyclist


Well,  didn't know Rick Kerr, but I saw his death on the news tonight. It's always sad to see a fellow cyclist die and it seems like it's all too common these days with ADD and ADHD and cell phones and textaholics and zombies and meth'd out Redbull crackheads speeding like crazy. Just a reminder to ride your bike defensively and always be as safe as possible. I guess sometimes there is nothing you can do though. RIP Rick! :-(

About 6 years ago my parents were hit on the Cottonwood 200 charity bike ride. They almost died and not a day goes by that I don't think about them and remember how I felt when my grandmother called to tell me what had happened. I'm so thankful that they are alive today and can truly say that they are my backbone and just really amazing, great people. I'm lucky they are still around today, but my heart goes out to anyone who has lost a fellow cyclist.

Editor of Kansas! remains hospitalized



Be safe out there!

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