Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preordered an iPhone 5...preordered an iPhone 5 case from Grove...preordered a Niner Rip 9 carbon?===>NOPE

Well, I preordered a 64 gig iPhone 5 because I am an Apple fanboy, I was eligible for an upgrade and because that is the single most important gadget in my life. GPS, contact with friends and family, Banking, etc. I once tried to go back to a "bo-bo" phone, but alas, COULD. NOT. DO. IT.

Then I remembered that I've been through 3 backs on my current iPhone 4 and need to get a case this time. BAM! GROVE MADE comes through with a preorder discount on their handmade in the US of A bamboo and some sort of really hard plant made plastic stuff. Those Portland, Oregonians are such a bunch of stinky hippies!

In other news, Niner released their much anticipated all carbon fiber version of the RIP 9. The RIP 9 is their "all mountain" (<--hate that term!) full-suspension bike and it's supposedly bad @ss. Being the retro grouch that I am, I have never ridden a "fullie" and just recently added a suspension fork to my singlespeed which I may or may not consider selling out. I like the looks of it, but the price tag, not so much. Roughly $3,000 for the frame only and another $550 or so for the matching fork.

Anytime I start lusting over a full suspension mountain bike I have to remind myself that it's not going to make me ride any more than I already do. It won't make me a better rider. My current terrain in Kentucky could not possibly be any funner on the full suspension than on my Kona Raijin Ti. Done. Lust over...not really.

Speaking of lust, still lusting after the Surly Krampus 29+ and am planning a 29+ front wheel on my Kona when they become available. Oh, and this picture does not help! 

Music wise, lately I've been listening a lot to The Foreign Exchange's first album. That's Phonte (of the rap group Little Brother) an emcee from NC and Nicolay a producer from The Netherlands. They made the project sort of like The Postal Service did, emailing beats and verses back and forth and the end result is a great mixture of hip hop and r&b that is great for these fall nights when rejection seems to hit the hardest and you want to cool out and drink a Dogfish Head Punkin' Ale. Happy trails my dudes! 

"good people, good loving, good music in my life...what makes me happy" 

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