Sunday, September 16, 2012

Uncle Paul/Sunday Trail Ride/Atmosphere

Lots of stuff going on in my life (no big surprise I guess).

 My uncle Paul passed away recently. I always felt a special connection to Paul. We shared a love of music, engineering, recording, gear. We also both had a lust for fine scooters. I'll miss his laugh and his attitude. He was really just a cool ass dude. Like the coolest guy I've ever met maybe. He was just dealt a rough hand health wise and made a few bad choices in his life (maybe that was why I related to him as well). He had a million stories to tell and I wish I had more time with him to listen to them.

Uncle Paul was an amazing musician who played jazz clubs with Randy Jackson in New Orleans when they were both young. He played at the Apollo in NY met Downtown Julie Brown, was on MTV. He was in a band called Breakfast Club that had a number 7 hit on Billboard. Worked with/for Jimmy Iovine. Etc. etc. etc. He was a kickss photographer as well. Rest in Peace Uncle Paul.

Here are some of Paul's photo's.

I had a phone interview on Friday thanks to a friend from the MBA program at KU. It's definitely a better job opportunity and I hope I get it.

Life is crazy. Doors open and close. Hearts brake and hearts heal. As my friend Burnsey often quotes, "don't get so busy making a career, that you forget to make a life." Get yours while you can. 

After work I gorged on some fried chicken and sweet tea and then rode out to Skullbuster for a semi-race-pace 12 mile loop. Good for the soul, body and mind. I guess that's why they call it "dirt church".

Music? How about some Atmosphere. I'm in that sort of mood tonight. 

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