Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mud Ride!

Had a day off today and was planning on 30+ miles of riding or two plus laps at Skullbuster. Woke up late..because it was dumping rain. Proceeded to put around town and get some things done while the trail (hopefully) dried up.

Once out on the trail I realized it was still pretty sh!tty. I knew the backside of the trail was gonna be better so I dabbed and rode my way through the muck. It really wasn't that bad, I wouldn't have ridden the trail if it was, but it's been so long since I rode in muddy conditions it was a re-learning experience.

The tire setup I'm running, Ardent 2.4 up front Ikon 2.2 in the rear did okay I guess. The Ardent weighed like 30 pounds by the end of the ride and the rear tire shed mud like wait, it DIDN'T shed mud. I might be looking for a set of mud tires (Maxxis Beaver?).

 I also broke in my new Sidi Dominator shoes which were noticeably stiffer than my old Shimano's, also lighter, but didn't fit as well in the heel. I had some "lifting" so I'm going to either swap out the Shimano insoles or try to find some of those nifty Specialized BG fit insoles.

Overall I think I'm in decent shape for not cycling frequently (at all really). I've been doing a "cross fit" of pushups, situps, pullups (varying grips) and playing basketball after work. Just trying to stay active doing SOMETHING/ANYTHING everyday. Reading. Making new goals for myself. So far so good.

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